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Bridget Big Boob LOVE DOLL, ist eine lebensgroße aufblasbare Puppe Ihre Momente der Einsamkeit zu genießen. Sie bleibt sitzen, hat eine Druckkurven und einen schönen dreidimensionalen Gesichts neues Design und realistische Haare. Harte und großen Brüsten.

I own her, although we are currently separated at the moment. Our lawyers are working out the details for visitation :lol:

She was definitely worth the $40 to me, with her big boobs and bent position. However, one of the main reasons I got her was for the oral, which was difficult with the one I bought due to the inside of her mouth being too scratchy. However, btqlover and infl8orama also own her, and did not report the same problem, so I probably just got a bad doll in that respect; hopefully yours will be fine too.

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